Spring Harvest EXTRA

Big Start EXTRA - Children’s Fun and Teaching for half term

High quality fun and games on YouTube from the Spring Harvest team.

Big Start - Giants of Faith 1 , Big Start - Giants of Faith 2

Want more Big Start fun? Click Here


Thought for the Day with Bob Hartman (who is a storyteller).

Day 1 - Hope and The Boy Who Wants To Be An Elephant.

Day 2 - God does not give up on us and a Big Bowl of Bottom!


Toddler Group -  Let’s Party Together with the Bible Buds

Virtual Sunday School  – God is our Fortress


Niteblessing by Malcolm Duncan

Beatitudes 1 , Beatitudes 2 , Beatitudes 3 , Beatitudes 4 , Beatitudes 5 

Beatitudes 6 , Beatitudes 7 , Beatitudes 8 

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